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Modern Warfare Remastered Video Shows Comparison Between Old and New

Since Modern Warfare remastered looks to be one of the main reasons that people will end up buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (mainly because it’s shipping with the game), YouTuber Candyland has shared a Modern Warfare Remastered video that is showing everyone looking to buy it the difference between the PC version of the old game, which came out in 2007, and this remake, nine years down the road.

The difference between the two is staggering, even with the increased graphics quality that normally comes with the PC version of most games. To begin with, the lighting in every scene is much better. Shadows and detailing are much better, along with character models and lighting. The game’s first level, where you storm a tanker, has much better lightning and rain effects than it used to.

Places where you can get the best look at improved character models in the Modern Warfare Remastered video are during two distinct scenes: to start with, again, the beginning level. Price getting in your face and shouting near the end is much better detailed.

The second instance is the “level” where you play the President of whatever Middle-Eastern country the game takes place in, and Imran Zakaev, the game’s main antagonist, no longer looks like a clay dummy. Instead his skin texture looks much better.

One more distinct scene where the detail is better is the infamous nuke scene. in the previous game the sky was turned permanently red and the mushroom cloud from the exploding nuke was much smaller. Now, while the sky doesn’t have a red filter, the destroyed buildings look much better, and the mushroom cloud is a lot bigger.

Environmental details are also more detailed, such as buildings, the dockyard during the initial assault on the unnamed country, and as mentioned before shadows and lighting. Hopefully all of the details shown in the Modern Warfare Remastered video will make it over to the new version of the game when it releases late this year.