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Madden 17 PC Version Was Incorrectly Listed On Amazon

A Madden 17 PC version had been briefly listed on Amazon this morning, sending up hopes that the game series might finally be looking towards heading for PC platforms. However, that all turned out to be a mistake on Amazon’s part. Unfortunately for football fans that only want to play on PC, it won’t be happening.

According to a statement by Madden 17’s creative director Rex Dickson, there is no Madden 17 PC version in the works. Whatever the mistake was, he said that it would make it right.

Other EA games have been ported over to PC before, ranging from the Battlefield games to Command and Conquer and others. However there are no EA Sports games in it, and there likely won’t be on PC for a while (if ever). Fitting, considering that sports games are one of EA’s big console-sellers, as you could see by the emphasis that they put on FIFA back at E3.

Madden 17 is supposed to be released this August, with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the cover, but it will, as always, be a Playstation and Xbox exclusive, being released on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Considering that each of the Madden games have been getting better and better with every year, with gameplay and improvements being upgraded with each version it’s likely that Madden 17 will be the best yet.

It’s likely that EA won’t be making any PC ports for a long time, if ever, but if Microsoft ends up making a partnership with EA to do something to promote its Windows computers it might work with making PC a viable platform for sports games, both with EA and with other developers and publishers. Then again, that depends on how the market for PC sports games would look for Microsoft.