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Doom Demo has Been Extended Due to Popular Demand

Last Sunday id Software released a single-player demo for their critically acclaimed first person shooter, Doom. The demo lets players to check out the very first level of the game, and initially the demo was only supposed to be available for the week of E3, and now Doom demo has been extended.

The announcement comes from Doom’s official twitter page, where the developers announced that the demo has been extended due to popular demand. However, id Software did not specified the duration of this extension.

Due to popular demand, we’re extending the #DOOM Demo! Download now and #FightLikeHell.

Whatever maybe the case you can now download the Doom demo for all three platforms. The demo is single-player only and does not feature multiplayer.

Recently Bethesda released a trailer for the upcoming SnapMap mode for Doom. SnapMap lets players to create their own maps an share them with their friend or with the rest of Doom’s community.

SnapMap is basically like a Doom’s version of Halo Forge, but there is a twist. Players can create maps to kill other players or can create the maps where players make their own way through their own custom level of story mode.

Players can place obstacles, enemies and more wherever they want on the map, also players can change game logic, place triggers or events in order to change how the game reacts to different situations. 

You can also check out our guide for Doom SnapMap, in order to create best maps for Doom.

Doom is an first person shooter, available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Doom was released in May with a great deal of praise for its single-player mode, however, the multiplayer for the game was criticized by gamers and critics alike.