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Star Wars Battlefront Instant Action Mode Could be Coming Soon

Star Wars Battlefront launched with a lot of criticisms when it first released, mainly due to its lack of a dedicated offline mode, lack of maps, and no space battles. Thankfully, it’s possible that a Battlefront Instant Action mode may be coming soon.

A possible leak came through the YouTuber Uninspired Zebra, who showed off a clip of various menus including what appears to be an option for Instant Action, where you could just pick a map and play. The options, where you can play offline by yourself or with a friend, are only limited to Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron for now, but hopefully if the leak is true there will be more.

One of Battlefront’s most vehement criticisms was that there was no Battlefront Instant Action ode like there had been in previous Battlefront games. There, all you had to do was just go to that menu and pick a map and game mode to go on. Now, if the leak is true, DICE appears to be fixing that.

Many of Battlefront’s criticisms have already been addressed in the form of multiple new map packs with new planets and maps. There are still no space battles (and there likely will not be) but the possibility of an Instant Action mode can get rid of at least one criticism.

In relation to the maps criticism the Bespin map pack was also released, bringing in new maps, new heroes (Lando Calrissian and the bounty hunter Dengar), and a new game mode, called Sabotage. In it, Rebel forces must shut down Imperial tractor beams that are preventing Rebel ships from leaving the planet.

While a Battlefront Instant Action mode isn’t completely confirmed yet, if the leak is solid DICE will be pleasing a lot of Battlefront fans that have been looking for a mode like this since Battlefront released.