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Destiny Iron Banner For The Week is Cancelled; Players Were Being Prevented From Joining

We have got bad news for you if you were waiting eagerly for the Destiny Iron Banner event among other updates that was supposed to go live on Tuesday, June 21, at 10 AM PT i.e. today. The event has been cancelled by Bungie.

Of course this is a major disappointment for hundreds of thousands of players who are still following the game, but it looks like it has been for the better.

According to updates shared by the developers, the Bungie Iron Banner event was facing issues similar to what fans had faced at the time of Trials of Osiris. As a result, players were being prevented from accessing the event.

Naturally, it would have made a greater mess if they released Iron Banner in this shape. Bungie initially took to their official Twitter profile to announce the cancellation.

This was then followed up by another update where they have confirmed the Destiny Iron Banner issues are being investigated alongside HONEYDEW errors people are getting while trying to access Nightfall, Weekly Strikes and Raids as well.

A couple of days ago Bungie outlined what this week’s Destiny Iron Banner would bring for the guardians in terms of rewards. A total of six featured rewards were shown off by the developers while discussing what the week has in store, which are:

  • Class Items
  • PlayStation Class Items
  • Helmets
  • PlayStation Helmets
  • Machine Guns
  • Scout Rifles

So far a return date of the Destiny Iron Banner event has not been revealed by the developers, but we will let you know as soon as they do.