Days Gone is a Unique Zombie Experience Due to the World, Exploration and Environments, Says Sony Bend

Days Gone has built its hype based on two things so far namely a very dynamic world and a fully explorable environment, and if it has to stand apart from the rest of the lot, it has to briing something unique to the table.

Sony Bend’s new title does have some interesting takes on the post apocalyptic world, with a greater focus on bikes an bounties, and the developers think that what they are offering is unique enough.

Ron Allen, the Technical Designer at Sony Bend was recently discussing the game in depth where he claimed that they have enough juice in the Days Gone to make it stand apart from the number of other zombie apocalypse based games we already have.

Apparently, they are betting on many in-game world elements like variety you will experience when exploring it, the dynamic weather system and how it affects the gameplay, and so on.

We feel that our game is completely unique to us. Just running around our world is unique. It’s not like any other game out there, just cruising around and having fun out in the world. Starting from there, in the Pacific Northwest and in the high desert, we have some pretty extreme weather. We have dynamic weather in the game. One day, it could be 100 degrees, and the next day, it could be snowing. All of that affects the world and affects the gameplay. That alone is unique.

That is not all, of course, the Days Gone developer also hinted at new gameplay elements revolving around stuff other than just killing zombies by referring to an instance in the game’s E3 2016 demo where bounty hunting related features were shown.

For those who do not know, the game’s protagonist John is a biker and a bounty hunter in a world alone in the world of the undead.