Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Firefight Gets New Vehicles

Halo 5: Guardian’s upcoming Warzone Firefight mode is a hotly-anticipated game mode, and it seems like 343 Industires will be making sure that the mode is even more hectic and intense than the Warzone mode already is. 343’s revealed how it will be doing this in the form of two new vehicles for both the Covenant and the UNSC.

The first of these is a vehicle known as the Grunt Goblin. The UNSC’s had its own walker units ever since Halo 4 in the form of the Mantis, to say nothing of the Cyclops unit from Halo Wars.

The Covenant are now getting their own walker unit, known as the Grunt Goblin. As you can probably tell by the name it’s a vehicle designed exclusively for Grunts, and will now make them a lot more dangerous.

Grunts have always only been really dangerous in numbers, but with the Goblin now in Warzone Firefight they’re going to be much more dangerous. The Goblin is essentially a small mech with a shielded cockpit. It’s armed with a double-barreled Needler on each arm, and can also send out a Needle Barrage that can target up to eight players at once. The Goblin will serve as a boss during the mode.

The UNSC vehicle that’s coming to Warzone Firefight is something that the humans have been missing since Halo: Reach: a flying unit. The AV-49 Wasp is a VTOL aircraft that’s armed with twin rocket launchers and heavy machine guns. It’s also shielded, allowing it to stand up to at least some punishment.

Hopefully these two new vehicles will make Warzone Firefight even more hectic when it comes out, and give players some new challenges other than the Warden Eternal that pops out at the end of the match. That seems all the more plausible too, as long as 343 keeps putting out cool new vehicles and enemies.