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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Still Has Over 30,000 Players

Even after Battlefield Hardline has been out for over a year now, and Battlefield 4 multiplayer rapidly became part of the game’s huge amounts of criticism after it had turned out to be a buggy mess, it’s apparently still going strong with over 30,000 players in it currently.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer was one of the more hotly-anticipated parts of the game when it was announced with the stunning Siege of Shanghai gameplay, but when the game finally came out it was essentially completely broken. Connectivity issues, bugs, and glitches all dragged the game’s score down, along with its short and frankly terrible story mode.

Despite all of this the Battlefield 4 multiplayer still remained highly popular, and the fact that it still has at least 30,000 players in it supports that fact. The game also boasted 63,000 players in the space of the last 24 hours, making it even more notable.

With Battlefield 1 coming out soon, and Battlefield Hardline already out, one would expect the servers to die, but it would seem like the greater variety of map modes and games are helping to keep it popular, especially compared to Hardline’s multiplayer. With the tanks and jets and other vehicles you can use in Battlefield 4 and other actual war games, Hardline’s multiplayer seems weak by comparison.

Hopefully Battlefield 1’s multiplayer will end up usurping the Battlefield 4 multiplayer, with the possibility of Behemoth vehicles, airships, new weapons, vehicles, and maps that are more like the older Battlefield games instead of Battlefield Hardline.

But for now, two years after it came out, Battlefield 4 multiplayer is likely much more playable, and with DICE having put out a lot of patches and DLC for it giving out new maps and new weapons it will still likely have some form of a following even after Battlefield 1 comes out. If anything, Battlefield Hardline is likely to be the game that people abandon in droves.