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Xbox One Scorpio Resolution Will be on Devs, 4K Won’t be Forced

The Xbox One Scorpio resolution could be taken all the way up to 4K for developers at their own discretion, according to a tweet by Microsoft president Phil Spencer earlier today.

The Xbox One Scorpio was reputed to only be pushing 4K resolution on its video and streaming services, but Spencer has now said that the opportunity to raise a game’s resolution is up to the discretion of the developer.

The possibility of the Xbox One Scorpio resolution not matching up to that of the Playstation 4 Neo was one of the worries for the Xbox One Scorpio when it was first announced, but if Spencer’s tweet (and reveal at E3) is correct the worries are groundless.

Developers that make games for the Xbox One Scorpio will be able to develop their games either at 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second or at 4K resolution. Much like the Playstation 4 Neo, games developed in the future will be able to run both on the original Xbox One and on the Xbox One Scorpio.

Rather than being forced to do 4K games, it’s likely that allowing devs to develop either 1080/60 or 4K games will help cut down on development times when the Scorpio comes out.

Many Xbox gamers would likely be happy with the possibility, especially since one of the chief criticisms of the Xbox One was that it couldn’t achieve the same sort of graphical fidelity that the Playstation 4 could.

However, with the Xbox One Scorpio resolution can be helped greatly with the console’s 6 teraflops of power, which could greatly help with ensuring high graphical quality when the Xbox One Scorpio comes out sometime in 2017.

So, if you’re looking to buy an Xbox One Scorpio for its resolution and the possibility of Xbox games looking better than ever before, you’ll just have to wait a bit.