The International 6 Invites Made Public, 6 Teams Joining the Action

Valve has made The International 6 invites public. The creator of Dota 2 has invited 3 European and 2 Chinese teams to its event.

The International 6 Direct Invited Teams:

  • Europe OG
  • Europe Team Liquid
  • Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • China Newbee
  • China LGD Gaming
  • Korea MVP Phoenix

At the time of this writing, the Prize Pool for The International 6 stand at $12,363,653. Last year that number was crossing $18 million but things are moving a little slower so we may not see it touch last year’s number.

The start was impressive though as Prize Pool went past $4 million in 48 hours.

Battle Pass

  • LEVEL 1 $9.99 USD
  • LEVEL 50 $26.99 USD

Buy Level

  • 5 LEVELS $2.49 USD
  • 11 LEVELS $4.99 USD
  • 24 LEVELS $9.99 USD

All Battle Pass owners will also receive The International 2016 Compendium. Along with the accustomed predictions and profiles, the Compendium will include new features and activities to help make this the most interactive edition yet. Until then, earn extra Battle Points making predictions for The Manila Major.

The International 6 is being held in the United States later this year in August. Tickets are available but won’t be for long so grab your seats.