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Golden Overwatch Weapons Will be a Competitive Reward

Information has recently come out that has shown the Overwatch crowd that doing well in competitive play in Overwatch will allow you to get golden Overwatch weapons to bling out your characters. The announcement about golden weapons came with a Blizzard video where the game’s competitive play mode was talked about.

A similar thing has happened before with Hearthstone, where winning 500 different matches in Hearthstone will upgrade your character portrait to a golden color, which animates it and makes it shiny. The Overwatch mechanic seems similar, as in order to get golden weapons you’ll have to climb to the highest ranks in the competitive mode.

Golden Overwatch weapons aren’t the only thing that you’ll be seeing if you climb to the highest ranks in competitive mode either. You’ll also get other cool cosmetic awards that Blizzard hasn’t talked about yet.

The Competitive play mode has undergone a few changes since its debut in the closed beta, as well. While it used to have a closed rank system (meaning that if you lost you wouldn’t drop down a rank), now it will run on a Hearthstone-like system where you’ll lose ranks as you lose matches.

Players will also have their cumulative ranking matched against the ranking of the enemy team, so before a match you can see how your teams stack up against one another.

Competitive Mode will also do a few changes to maps as well, allowing assault and control point maps the opportunity for more back-and-forth between teams. The possibility of Sudden Death in Competitive Mode (where teams were moved to a new map if they’d each won one round of control) has also been adjusted.

While golden Overwatch weapons would be a nice reward if you do really well during competitive play in Overwatch, it’s only one small part of what will be coming around when Overwatch’s competitive mode releases sometime this month.