God of War: Kratos is Like the “Old Man Logan” in the New Game

The new God of War game sees the return of Kratos, however, he not the same person we knew. He is more advanced and mature, he’s had time to calm himself and think more clearly about his actions as they may directly impact his son.

He is like the “Old Man Logan” of God of War, according to Sony Santa Monica. His violence and sexual conquest is in the past.

That is, I think, his past. It’s something that formed who he is and where we are, but this is a new chapter for him. He’s advanced. To me, the beginning of this game is a lot like the movie Unforgiven, with Clint Eastwood, where he’s called back into action after he’s had to calm himself. Or Old Man Logan in the Marvel comics.

It hearkens back to that question of, “How much of our real self do we show to our children?” There’s a mask we wear to hide from them for their own good. When you have the kind of skeletons in the closet that Kratos has, you do that for good reason.

Players will be able to better connect with Kratos and take him more seriously. Over the past the decade Kratos has been killing God after God relentlessly and without remorse. In the new God of War, he doesn’t want his son to be consumed by the same rage.

He is mentoring him the best he can while protecting him from the threats of the wild. This is a new story for Kratos and it isn’t directly related to previous game. God of War is moving to Norse mythology.

Moreover, Kratos has  a new voice actor that adds more power and maturity to the character.

God of War will release for PlayStation 4 sometime next year, hopefully. Check out its reveal gameplay trailer above.

Source: VB