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Nintendo NX Will Be Revealed In September, Comparable with PlayStation 4 Neo

The French media outlet Gameblog has claimed that the Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s often-teased but never-revealed console, will finally be getting revealed sometime in September. They’ve also been claiming a number of other things, but we should take them all with a grain of salt because it’s always likely that they’ll be wrong.

The first of their Nintendo NX predictions were that it was originally intended to be released in November, but had to be pushed back to sometime next year. If that’s true we likely won’t get an announcement for it until next year’s E3 when Nintendo finally decides to announce it, but there’s also the possibility that it will be announced sometime this year in September.

Gameblog also said that the console is comparable in power with the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Neo, but the jury is out on this one because other sources have both confirmed and denied this.

The Nintendo NX allegedly also has a number of games in the works. These range from a number of third-party exclusives from Capcom and Square Enix and others, to a remastering of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Gamesblog has also said there’s a possibility of the NX having eight different controllers, though that’s already a feature of the Wii U so that’s not that implausible.

And now we come down to the main issue, the possibility of the Nintendo NX getting revealed in September. One rumor abut a September reveal has already come out, addressing the possibility of the NX being revealed at the United Kingdom’s Electronic Gaming Expo sometime in September.

Gameblog, however, thinks that the September reveal (if there is one) is more likely to happen at the Tokyo Game Show. Considering it’s closer to home that’s rather plausible, but that depends on whether or not there is actually going to be a reveal for the console in the near future.