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Civilization VI Districts Allows You to Make More Decisions

Civilization VI will release with a big new feature called Districts. They allow you to turn your cities into a cultural heaven. It will help push social development to make your creation the dominant civilization of all.

According to Art director Brian Busatti, “In Civ IV we had these blobs of cities,” Busatti says. “If you had a temple in there, you had to really search for it. It was a cool visual aspect, but it didn’t promote gameplay.”

Meanwhile, in the new game you can create theaters, museums, galleries etc and put them in one single district. You can also create an industrial district and so on.

Moreover, you can replace districts as your civilization progress. For example, you can remove a farming area and place a scientific district because your civilization don’t need an outdated food supply system.

Civilization VI features a lively world that is much more colorful compared to previous entries. Developers wanted to make sure they don’t make it dull and drab, of course, you will be playing this game for a long time.

Civilization VI would require you to make more active choices and be more engaged. We have previously discussed how Firaxis changed things dynamically across the board and this is just one example of that.

Science will also work very differently in Civilization this time around thanks to an added level of realisim.

Civilization VI is a turn based stretagy game that will release on PC later this year on October 21. How are you liking the new Civilization game? Share what you think in the comments below.