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Blizzard Having Issues With Authentication Servers, Downtime Expected

Blizzard is having issues with its authentication servers so players should expect log-in issues for the next few hours. According to Blizzard Entertainment, they are working on a fix to deal with the problem.

However, many fans are speculating that this could be another DDoS attack but Blizzard hasn’t said anything of sort nor any hacking group has claimed responsibility for it yet.

From the looks of it, fans seem pretty sure that this is another DDoS attack and surely we can’t rule out the possibility. We would need more details from Blizzard itself.

DDoS attacks and hacks are commonplace these days and it seems big name companies are having a hard time keeping their servers secured. Sony and Microsoft also were the victims of a DDoS attack which ruined Christmas 2015 for millions of users.

Authorities are doing their best to make sure such folks are apprehended and brought to justice but so far their efforts have been in vain. They were able to take down some of these DDOsers but it hasn’t made that big of a difference.

When it comes to Blizzard, the company has been under attack in plenty of occasions. Its World of Warcraft often becomes the target.

We will have more updates for you on the story once Blizzard shares details and the issue is resolved.

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