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Resident Evil 7 VR is Making People Sick

VR games are very immersive and not everyone can handle being in a VR world, especially, if you are playing a horror game. However, VR games are suppose to make you feel scared, excited, shocked may be, but they shouldn’t make you feel sick and want to vomit.

This is exactly what’s happening with Resident Evil 7 VR, according to a report from CNET. The reviewer tried Resident Evil 7 VR at E3 2016 but the demo make him feel sick and nauseated.

CNET isn’t the only one, many reviewers and attendees at E3 had the same issues which means the problem lies with Capcom’s horror experience.

It takes a very technical approach to develop VR games you need to be very careful about what may trigger such symptoms on players.

I personally didn’t try Resident Evil 7’s VR demo but when I first heard about the sickness I wondered if Resident Evil 7 is taking control of the players head movement. I took a look at the demo and it does seem like there are sections where player isn’t in control of his head which could be the root of the problem.

However, CNET mentions that players head movement is controlled by dualshock 4 rather than moving the camera with your own head so head movement is indeed the issue but not exactly how I thought it might be.

Capcom is yet to comment on the matter nor Sony has shared their take on it.

Have you played Resident Evil 7 VR demo using PlayStation VR? How was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.