Report: PlayStation 4 Neo Controller Filed for Registration By Sony

Sony has already confirmed a new PlayStation system that supports 4K gaming and of course, it would have a new controller. Sony has filled a new certification for a DualShock 4 controller that could be for PlayStation 4 Neo aka PlayStation 4K.

PlayStation 4 Neo Controller is mentioned with the product code “CUH-ZCT2U.”

PlayStation 4 Neo Controller FCC Filing



The document was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There doesn’t seem to be any major differences between the existing ZCT1 and the new ZCT2 models. The listing shows similar weight, same power requirement, with the only only difference being the Bluetooth antenna.

Similar to Xbox One S controller, PlayStation 4 Neo controller may offer better range and controller connection stability.

That’s pretty much it for the documents in question.

PlayStation Neo is under development at Sony. The company didn’t show the new machine at E3 2016 but Microsoft did.

Rival Microsoft announced Xbox Scorpio that offers 4K native gaming at up to 60Hz, a bold claim which may not be possible at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, there is no official information about PlayStation 4 Neo aka PlayStation 4K. It is believed that it would not run games at native 4K but is going to upscale 1080p to 4K. PlayStation 4 Neo won’t be getting exclusive games as far as we are told.

Games and equipment that support PS4 will work on PlayStation 4 Neo.

The new PlayStation 4 Neo controller should be identical in design with minor changes here and there. However, we can can expect the console itself to be significantly different in design.
Microsoft is targeting a Fall 2017 release window for Xbox Scorpio and if we are to assume Sony would do the same.

We should hear about the new console at PlayStation Experience this year, which is the biggest PlayStation centric event of the year.

For more on PlayStation, stay-tuned!

Source: FCC (Via Dualshockers)