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Madden NFL 17 Play The Moment Introduced In Franchise Mode

Some times the aspects or features of some games are overlooked, and in sports games the most overlooked aspect is to experience franchise mode in short amount of time. Now EA Sports has also added a new time saving feature Madden NFL 17 Play The Moment.

Madden NFL 17 Play The Moment will be present in the franchise mode which turns the game into 15 minutes if playable highlights. Players will only be able to play key events in this mode, which means players can expect thrilling moments like crucial punts or drives with only two minutes left.

Play The moment is a filler free collection of different matches, which is kind of liking watching an ESPN recap show. This mode is the latest addition to the mode which is known for its deep customization, it includes player tweaking and adjustments in time with practice squad.

Players can further limit the duration of Play The Moment by only playing offensive or defensive plays, all of this an it has no impact on the management appeal of Franchise mode.

Franchise mode designer John White explained:

None of the moments are formulaic, scripted, or forced. It’s more of an organic ‘What happens?’ simulation. Our algorithm takes and chooses what it thinks are key moments. They’re snippets but they’re the snippets with the most impact. You’re playing an exciting, condensed version of Madden.

He further elaborated that Play The Moment enhances immersion in Madden NFL 17, by significantly shortening the time period of the franchise mode.

A 17-week schedule is a long time and we continue to listen to the fans on how they want to play and manage their teams. Play The Moment is all the more meaningful when Franchise mode can last 30 seasons.

Recently EA Sports announced that they are bringing accessibility improvements to Madden NFL 17 for color blinds and more.

Madden NFL 17 is set to release on August 23 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.