Gamer Creates “World’s Most Powerful” Paragon Hack, Epic Sues!

Epic’s third person view MOBA game isn’t even out yet but it is already attracting lots of attention. It is a new take on the current League of Legends and DOTA to style games.

However, is such games there is always a way to cheat. Bots are often used to farm for gold and get items or use hacks to do better in the game. Both Valve and Riot are running a tight ship and same will be the case with Paragon.

Epic Games isn’t letting hacks affect its game.

Paragon went into early access recently and during this time a gamer/hacker created a hack which he claims is “World’s most powerful” hack. He advertised this on different hacking forums etc.

Epic Games got wind of it and decided to take legal action against its creator. Epic Games is taking this hack down for good and suing its creator Robin Kreibich of Kostanz, Germany. The software added cheating hacks including an aimbot, triggerbot, 3D radar and 2D radar.

The creator claimed that it was designed in a way to make it undetectable.

Epic Games isn’t commenting on the matter for the time being but this case will develop soon, so check back for updates.

Paragon will release for PlayStation 4 and PC. No release date is announced yet.