Detroit Become Human Will Be 8-10 Hours Long, Has A Lot More Replay Value

Not much of Detroit Become Human was revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference except for a four minute trailer for the game detailing the consequences of different player choices. However, David cage has shared some new information about the length of the game and its replay value.

In an interview with IGN David Cage revealed that Detroit Become Human will be 8-10 hours long, and like other Quantic Dream games; Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, this game will have a lot more replay value.

David Cage emphasized that players should complete their first run of the game and live the consequences of their choices, before starting over and trying other possibilities.

He further explained that the team wanted to push the game to its limits, with its breath taking visuals and branching narrative.

This game is much more banding…than any game we have done before. We just wanted to push the envelope on pretty much everything in the game from the visuals, to the branching narrative, to everything.

Davis Cage said that the first scene in the game has six different outcomes, each with its consequences. He also revealed that there is no game over in Detroit Become Human, if one character dies it will be lost for the rest of the game.

He also revealed that there are several playable characters in Detroit Become Human and all of them androids. Players will see the world through their eyes, where androids are treated as objects and start to feel emotions.

During Sony’s E3 press conference a trailer for Detroit Become Human was revealed, which showcased an android named Connor dealing with a hostage situation. The trailer showcased different outcomes based on player choices.

Detroit Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, and no release date for the game has been announced yet.