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What is Titanfall 2 Network Feature? And Other Player Retention Tactics Respawn is Applying

It is a fact that the original Titanfall lacked more in player retention than in anything else (other than amount of content maybe). So naturally, ensuring that the fans stick with the game is high on the list of priorities for Respawn Entertainment. One thing they are making in this regard is a Titanfall 2 network feature.

We recently stumbled upon the developers talking about it. Drew McCoy, the producer of Titanfall 2 at Respawn Entertainment dropped a line about this new feature that no one really knows about. It is apparently aimed at increasing player retention specifically.

From the looks of it, this is probably going to be a platform for all the multiplayer fans to come together and play as a community.

We look at retaining players in a lot of ways. Not just mechanically. We’re working on a feature called Network, which we can’t talk about much right now, but it’s essentially a way for people who don’t have a large group of friends playing to still have a group to play with.

The Titanfall 2 Network feature is not the only thing though. From what we have covered on the game so far, almost everything that the developers are doing is aimed at shortcomings of its predecessor.

For instance, they have decided to cut down on the freedom of Titans to pick out any weapon type and reduced them to something resembling the classes in an MMO.

This will ensure that they are still capable of dealing massive damage to anyone at the receiving end of their wrath but also put them under a check.

Players will now be able to recognize what they are up against, what are its weak points and which areas it is the strongest in. Needless to say, the players will also be able to have a rough idea of what kind of weapons they might have to face.

A fighting chance, is what they will get.

Even the grappling hook that is being introduced in Titanfall 2 aims at allowing the players to really take on the Titans instead of being overwhelmed from the beginning.

Then there is the singleplayer mode of the game, which just like the Titanfall 2 Network feature, is being developed specially to increase player retention. You can read up all about that here.