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The Division Update 1.3 and Underground DLC, What’s Free and What’s Not

If you were hoping for another free update to come with The Division update 1.3, you’re going to be disappointed. According to Ubisoft’s June 16 “State of the Game” release, the update is going to be split for those who buy the Underground DLC, and those that don’t.

Unlike with the other Incursions that were available for everyone, the Dragon’s Nest Incursion, where agents will take on the Cleaners in the depths of the New York City subways, will only be available for people that buy the DLC.

The Underground section of the game itself will also only be available for those that buy the DLC, instead of those that all download The Division update 1.3 This can be seen as something of a change from the other big updates that The Division has undergone, where all of the update content was free to everyone.

However, Underground has been part of the DLC plan ever since before The Division was released. The Division update 1.3 will still be giving players that don’t want to buy the DLC for now a good bit of goodies: in addition to bug fixes, weapon balancing, gameplay changes and new weapons, we’ll also be getting a new gear set.

On the other hand, The Division’s Underground DLC will give players that buy it a whole new gameplay area to explore, along with the Dragon’s Nest incursion and four new gear sets.

However, The Division update 1.3 still has a little ways to go before it’s released later this month, so players should be aware. At least one armor set, the Frontline set, won’t be included in the initial update, and damage and balancing are still being worked on.

Hopefully this new update won’t cause the servers to develop a whole mess of new problems like the last few have, either.