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Sea Of Thieves is Not Free To Play, Rare Has Huge Content Release Plan For The Game

Microsoft revealed Sea Of Thieves back at E3 2015, and since then many gameplay videos and new features have been announced for the game. However, the developer did not share that what kind of multiplayer experience Sea Of Thieves will offer, and many had speculated that the game will be free-to-play. However, Rare has clarified that Sea Of Thieves is not free to play.

In an interview with Eurogamer, design director for Sea Of Thieves, Gregg Mayles, clarified that Sea Of Thieves is not free to play, however, the team did considered a free to play model but eventually scrapped it.

We’ve done a lot of thinking around the business model…one thing I can tell you is it’s not free-to-play. We didn’t say anything last year and then some people made stuff up, y’know, ‘it looks free to play!’ But we can clear that up – we will not be free-to-play.

Interestingly Rare did not say anything regarding adding any kind of micro-transactions to the game, but Mayles hinted towards a content release plan similar to Destiny and The division.

Right from the start, we didn’t want to be this single shot release when we launch the game and say ‘thank you very much’. If we’re still adding things to the game in five years, I’ll be very happy.

While five years seems a bit unrealistic expectation for a game that have not been released yet, but if the Sea Of Thieves fulfills its promise shown in the gameplay demos then Mayles might get his wish.

Recently, developer Rare revealed that if players don’t want to play Sea Of Thieves with other players and friends, they can play the game solo. But this will make things difficult for the solo player, and will not a single man small vessel take on a large ship.

Sea Of Thieves is an MMO developed by Rare exclusively for Xbox One and PC.