Dead Rising 4 Is Timed Exclusive, Features Improved FPS And Game Engine

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference there were many surprises, one of them was the reveal of Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising 4 was revealed to be an exclusive to PC and Xbox One. However, Capcom Vancouver has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is timed exclusive and will arrive on PlayStation 4 .

The report of Dead Rising 4 being timed exclusive first came from a NeoGaf user Shogmaster, who claimed that he had talked to the Capcom Vancouver representative at E3 who confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is timed exclusive.

Capcom Vancouver is developing, MS is pubilishing. 1 year exclusive with MS. Slightly different deal than DR3 [Dead Rising 3].

The report also suggested that Dead Rising 4 has more number of Zombies on screen compared to Dead Rising 3 and will also have more variety of Zombies. Also Dead Rising 4 uses an improved version of the game engine used in Dead Rising 3, and the development on the game started eight months after the release of Dead Rising 3.

The report also claimed that the developer did not share any specifics about the resolution and frame rate of Dead Rising 4, but confirmed that frame rate is already improved compared to Dead Rising 3.

After the reveal of Dead Rising 4, Capcom confirmed body mods for the game. According to Dead Rising 4 executive producer at Capcom, Joe Nickolls, that in Dead Rising 3 players crafted vehicles but in Dead Rising 4 players will be able to craft themselves.

He further boasted the number of zombies players will encounter in the Dead Rising 4, by saying that even the developers have no idea of the total number of Zombies. He also said that the kill count from their QA department is 12000 zombies in five minutes.