How The ReCore Combat, Weapons, Robot Cores, and Dungeons Fit Together

We’ll talk about stuff like the ReCore combat and the weapons system later, let’s first take a little time out to cherish the rich world that the developers have now shown us in depth thanks to E3 2016 and the leaks before that.

The E3 coverage of the game was, apart from being impressive in how the world has been crafted, the first in depth look at a number of in-game systems like the weaponry being used, the importance of dungeons in the world, how combat works and so on.

Thanks to the hands on demos provided by Armature Studios, we have some more details to share.

We know that the game takes inspiration from Zelda and Metroid Prime, but it is also true that the beautiful mashup of different things in this game also makes it stand apart.

The animal like robots have become the enemy of humans because something went terribly wrong, and now this new terraformed planet, filled with moving sands, dungeons and extremely futuristic technology is resembling a badland for any remaining humans, especially Joule our protagonist.

We can promise that there will be a large number of dungeons to keep you busy. It was there that the hands on demo was mostly based in. Overworlds above, dungeons below, and secrets sprawled all over the place… the ideal setting of a terraformed planet!

The ReCore combat system has not been expansively detailed, but we do know that it won’t always be a run and gun adventure. The robot fights will sometimes give you a choice between blasting the crap out of the enemy or extracting Robot Cores out of them.

Naturally, the Robot Cores are part of your resources that might get used in the progression system as well as the upgradation of your weapons, exo-suits and armor.

Armature Studios has shifted the focus from aiming in the ReCore combat system which suggests it will be more open to less hardcore players, but the combat in general is still pretty detailed.

You attack the enemies at it will create combos, the more you hit, the greater the combo and hence the damage multiplier. However, you also have to worry about the ammo you have got left, so it is going to have to be a well thought out approach.

Another interesting element is that of color coded enemies or to be more clear, element coded enemies (Lightning is Blue, Fire is Red). For each color you can switch the color code of your weapon using the D Pad and that will increase the bonus you get from damaging that specific enemy.

From where we are at, the Metroid flavored ReCore combat coupled with the expansive, sand shifting and dungeons filled, world of Far Eden looks quite promising. What do you think?

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