ReCore Color Blind Mode is an “Innovative Icon-Based” System Armature Isn’t Ready to Show

If you have been with ReCore through the previous trailers and updates on the game, you might have noticed that it relies very heavily on colors. This is certainly going to be a problem for color blind people, which is why Armature Studio is working on a ReCore Color Blind Mode.

Naturally, incorporating such a system in this game is not as simple as doing it in a generic game that does not depend so much on colors, which is why the developers say that they have had to create an “innovative icon-based” system.

ReCore Color Blind Mode is a Piece of Innovation

Mark Pacini, the game director of Armature Studio says it is a problem that ReCore has features like weapons being represented by four different colors that are to be matched with the color of robot cores of the enemies in order to gain a bonus.

We knew that was going to be an issue, because we’re relying so much on colour in the game. Not only from a visual understanding, but it’s a mechanic in the game. So we’re implementing a very innovative icon-based colour blind system…that we’re not ready to show quite yet.

But when you switch on colour blind mode, a lot of things will be added, rather than just trying to adjust for the several different types of colour-blindness there are out there, and we’re very sensitive to that fact. I think what we came up with to overcome colour-blindness is pretty cool and we’ll be ready to show it soon.

So basically, the ReCore Color Blind Mode is essentially going to bring in features that wouldn’t be there in the game for people with no color-blindness.

Since it is something Armature Studio is excited to talk about and show off, we are also looking forward to the feature, among other things they have been teasing about.