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Overwatch is Surpassing LoL In Playtime at LAN Cafes in Korea

Blizzard Entertainment did not share any specific sales numbers for Overwatch and it is unlikely that we will ever know the number of player for League OF Legends. However, independent Korean companies have released stats for their Lan cafes, and according to the stats Overwatch is surpassing LOL in playtime.

PC Bangs(LAN cafes) is where the most of the Korean populace plays PC games, so this gives a good idea about the popularity of individual games. According to the stats, for past four years League Of Legends was on top of the PC game popularity list, but Overwatch is surpassing LOL and according to some has surpassed it in popularity.

The news comes from a Reddit post where one of the PC bang companies posted a graph depicting Overwatch just one percent behind in popularity to League Of Legends.

overwatch league of legends korea 2

However, another company named GettoGold, which runs 40% of PC Bangs in the country claims that Overwatch is 0.40% ahead in popularity than LOL.

Making an impact like that so early on speaks volumes for Overwatch and shows that Overwatch is the biggest game released in a long time. However, this does not mean that League Of Legends is doomed and Overwatch’s future is secure. As Overwatch is relatively new compared to LOL and its only a matter of time that this newness if the game drops and players will go back to their usual MMOs like WOW or Dota 2.

e-sports professional Frank Fields took to the twitter and explained that why Overwatch made such an impact. According to Frank:

Seems like a perfect storm. OW released with features LoL players asked for years: Replays/Highlights, Voice Chat, Sandbox, etc

The development team is currently riding a wave popularity due to some quick action during beta and on-wards. However, they will have to work hard to maintain this, as with on simple mistake or wrong decision, things could change pretty fast.