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Microsoft Will Sell Windows 10 Games On Steam as It’s the “Dominant Force”

Considering that Microsoft owns the Windows PC brand, it’s not surprising to know that they have their own personal game-selling client like Steam to market their own games. However, now Microsoft will be selling more Windows 10 games on Steam, instead of just sticking to its own game client.

The reasoning for this is the standard corporate reason: money. Despite Microsoft heavily promoting Quantum Break on both Xbox and PC, it lost a lot of PC fans and a lot of sales due to the poor performance of Quantum Break when it released on PC. This caused Quantum Break PC sales to suffer.

Two other high-profile Microsoft games that have recently come out (Forza Motorsport 6 Apex and Killer Instinct) are both only available on the Microsoft Store as well, while Steam is used by the vast majority of PC gamers. This leaves Steam as a substantial avenue for possible game sales that Microsoft is not taking advantage of.

Microsoft’s issues with its own game client have also suffered criticisms due to a number of technical issues. These include an inability to disable the V-sync option, and a lack of support for computers with multiple GPUs. Microsoft is addressing these concerns with upcoming updates to the Windows Store.

The possibility of Windows 10 games on Steam could help Microsoft to get rid of some of the other criticisms that its own client has been undergoing; Steam has pretty much everything that the Universal Windows Platform lacks, and also has its own DRM feature (which is notably less intrusive than other DRMs for other clients) that simply requires you to play the games through Steam.

While there may be a few kinks to work out as this goes through, Windows 10 games on Steam will most likely be a boon not just for Microsoft, but also for Valve, so everyone wins.