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Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Character is on a Hero’s Journey

Just recently, EA revealed the last name of Mass Effect Andromeda lead character, Ryder. Players will get to choose the first name as always and we would surely miss commander Shepard.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get much out of E3 2016 when EA was live. Mass Effect Andromeda showing was disappointing and very limited but EA seems fine with that decision.

Ryder, which is the lead character, is pretty different from Shepard, according to EA. They spoke with IGN and revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda lead character isn’t a hero yet. Ryder is on a journey of becoming a hero even though Mass Effect may make you feel like a villain sometimes.

Compared to Mass Effect trilogy with Shepard, Ryder’s story in Andromeda is much more intimate.

This is much more of a hero’s journey. What that entails is a slightly more intimate story that you want to tell. Seeing the lens through someone who is learning and growing and actually has an arc throughout the course of the story. I mean, Shepard had an arc but it was established

Ryder’s story will have a “darker start” with many challenges and trials in search for a brighter future for humanity. He/She is yet to tested which makes him different Shepard as that character was already established as a hero in the Trilogy.

Bioware is keeping Andromeda as mysterious as possible, not revealing too much about it just yet. However, we will get to know more about Mass Effect Andromeda lead character, story, gameplay, RPG elements and much more this Fall.

Mass Effect Andromeda will release early next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. EA isn’t planning any last-gen versions of the game and has ended support for PS3 and Xbox 360 when it comes to its new AAA releases.

EA Sports titles will keep releasing on past machines for some time.

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