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A Look At Pokemon Sun and Moon Yungoos, Pikipek and Grubbin Type, Abilities, Moves

At E3 2016, Nintendo revealed three new Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Yungoos, Pikipek and Grubbin that are generating a lot of buzz over the internet, fans are excited to see them and are discussing how each would be the right fit for them.

All three come with their own unique abilities and today we’ll be looking at.

Pokemon Yungoos

Some say he looks like Donald Trump! It is a normal type Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Yungoos is a very angry Pokemon with a humongous hunger. You wouldn’t to be around him while he’s hungry. Better part of its body is made up of its stomach area so his hunger is never satisfied thanks to its rapid digestion system.

Pokemon Yungoos has an ability no other Pokemon had ever been given, Stakeout. This ability allows Yungoos to deal twice the normal damage when the other Pokemon joins the field mid-battle.

Pokemon Pikipek

Another Pokemon to come out of E3 2016 is Pikipek, a woodpecker. It is a Normal- and Flying-type that is able to bore holes in not only trees but stones as well. Ranged attacks are a speciality of Pikipek, it can attack from afar using seeds. Pokemon Pikipek likes glittering objects and will hide them in its food source.

Pokemon Grubbin

Thee final Pokemon to have is Grubin, a bug-type Pokemon that uses its jaws extensively. The jaw helps it burrow into the ground and attacks the enemy as well. It can spew sticky threads and wrap them around trees to swing and be more mobile.

Pokemon Sun and Moon also comes with previously revealed Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio. We also have two legendaries for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

For the first time in history, Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a proper black trainer as well. Backgrounds will have spectators and the Alola region is very tropical.