Leo Galante Will Return In Mafia 3, Joe’s Fate Will Also Be Explained

With the reveal that Vito Scalleta, protagonist from Mafia 2, will return in Mafia 3, fans have been eager to find out if there any other characters from returning to Mafia 3. Now it is confirmed that Leo Galante will return in Mafia 3.

The developer confirmed during E3 stream that Leo Galante will also return in Mafia 3. Leo Galente was introduced in Mafia 2, when the game’s protagonist, Vito Scalleta, was serving life sentence in prison. Leo Galante was serving a five year sentence for fixing fights, but still was living a life of luxury due to his friendship with prison’s captain.

Leo Galante is sort of a God Father to Vito Scalleta, as he convinced Falcone crime family to take Vito and his friend Joe in to the family. Due to some unfortunate events Leo Galnte orders Vito to eliminate Falcone for a chance at redemption. Vito and his friend Joe succeed in eliminating Falcone, but in the end Leo tells Vito that the deal did not included Joe.

With the confirmation of Leo Galante’s return developers have also confirmed that players will see or hear about what happened to Joe at the end of Mafia 2.

It possible that the postcards, which can be found on the official Mafia 3 Facebook page, were sent by Vito to Leo Galente in codded words to give him reports of what is being going on in the city. Hopefully, this will also explain that by Vito has moves away from Empire Bay and live in New Bordeaux.

I am really excited for Leo Galente’s return in Mafia 3 and to know what happened to Joe. Did they killed him? or They think they killed him and he somehow survived and now he is back in some capacity in Mafia 3 and causing trouble or seeking revenge against his one time friend. I think we will know soon enough.

Mafia 3 will release on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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