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Legend of Titan, the Chinese Overwatch Rip-Off has a Trailer

The Chinese ripping things off and making cheap, shoddily-made pastiches is nothing new, and Legend of Titan is no exception.

In a blatant violation of international copyright, the game, made by a Chinese mobile game company, claims to be just a tech demo. Good thing too, because otherwise Blizzard would have their hides.

Legend of Titan appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a straight-up clone of Overwatch. The developer even used a lot of the game’s assets to “make” its “characters“, not even bothering to make new ones and only slight adjusting the designs of those we’re familiar with.

For instance, the Reaper clone appears to just be some red-eyed guy in a hoody. Phara is now a guy. Tracer’s jumpsuit has been changed from black and yellow to orange, and her hair has been turned neon. There’s even an outright clone of Bastion without any sort of change.

The developers for Legend of Titan couldn’t even be bothered to make the game in a good resolution; for a tech demo the game footage we see is in terrible resolution and even lags on multiple occasions. Even the user interface looks the same, with the same circular ultimate meter. “Tracer” also still has the dash mechanic.

Unfortunately bad Chinese rip-offs of popular Western video games are nothing new. For years now, a Chinese rip off of Team Fortress 2 called Final Combat has apparently been floating around the internet.

Only barely trying to alter their characters, they’ve actually put up multiple “Meet The” videos with their characters “Rocket,” “Medical,” “Sniper,” and more. though whether its “developer” has actually tried to publish the thing or it’s just free garbage so that they won’t get sued I have no idea.

Either way, Legend of Titan should be thankful that its “developer” doesn’t plan on publishing it; I doubt that a rinky-dink mobile studio would have the money to pay Blizzard if they did publish it and a lawsuit resulted.