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Hideo Kojima’s Family Wants Him To Retire, But He Says No

Hideo Kojima may have made a triumphant return to game making at E3 2016 this year, but apparently all’s not well on the home front for him. Kojima’s family apparently has been asking him to retire from game-making, but the Metal Gear Solid creator has refused, saying that he wants to continue to make games.

Kojima hasn’t made a game since Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, which released back in 2015, and that came out several months after he was dismissed from Konami, which signaled the company’s slide into madness, draconian business practices, and pachinko. Kojima had worked for the company for 19 years.

Kojima’s family had also brought up the fact that Kojima was getting old (Kojima-san is currently 52), and had urged him to retire and do what he wants. Kojima has responded to this in two ways: he’s not retiring, but he is doing what he wants. What he wants to do is make video games.

Kojima’s trailer for his upcoming Death Stranding game may have been one of the most out-there trailers of E3 entirely, but there’s still the question on everyone’s mind of if he will try and make a new PT-like game involving Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus.

While Reedus is apparently playing the starring role in Death Stranding, there’s no word about the involvement of Del Toro or horror artist Jinji Ito, who was going to help with the PT art.

All the same considering the amount of fish and wires in the Death Stranding trailer Ito may indeed be part of it (fish and machinery are some of his trademarks) but Del Toro is still a no-show for now.

Kojima’s family may get their wish when Hideo decides to finally stop making games and settle down for the rest of his life, but for now they’re going to have to put up with him wanting to make a game that he thinks is perfect. Whether Death Stranding is this game or not remains to be seen.