For Honor Single Player Gameplay Combat Details

For Honor Single Player gameplay footage was presented at E3 2016 but Ubisoft. The French developer showed how offline mode of this PvP heavy game works.

It isn’t just your average hack and slash game, you will really have to think about combat. Consider it a game of chess, as explained by JackFrags in the gameplay video above.

The combat animations are splendid and have a lot of weight, power behind them. Most enemies you kill are small enemy types, minions of For Honor. You will also come across mini-boss type enemies or brutes that are much harder to take down before finally reaching the main enemy.

When you come across mini-bosses you will enter a one v one combat situation. During this time you can lock onto the enemy but you be able to block in three different directions to avoid taking damage from enemies you’re not directly engaging.

You can counter, perry, attacks but the AI is pretty smart in For Honor. It can change its attack patterns or guarding pattern to confuse you.

You will really need to think about which direction you swing your weapons because more than often you may hit a pole or a wall that leave of you stunned for a second or two.

For Honor Single Player Gameplay is pretty similar to PvP but online play with friend is always more interesting and fun to do.

For Honor is like a modern day version of League of Legends, it is a revolution in MOBA genre. Hopefully, Ubisoft can create a game that truly makes a mark in this genre.

Check out the video above for more onĀ For Honor Single Player gameplay.

For Honor will release next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.