Figuring Out God of War Secrets: Kratos’ Son is Either Thor, Or A Stepson of Thor?

Alright so we know that there are a ton of God of War secrets in the E3 2016 reveal trailer – the developers have been teasing it themselves – however, nothing solid has come out with regards to the story itself, except for these tidbits. What exactly is going on, why is there so much thunder and lightning, why is there something special in the arrows of Kratos’ son and above all, why don’t we know his name?

Since SIE Santa Monica Studio has been awfully quiet on details, fans have started theorizing about the identity of the kid and Kratos himself.

But let’s have a look at what we know first. Kratos has changed, this is a new phase in his life, he now has a son with some powers but we know nothing about him, the game is set in Norse mythology, there will be gods, there was a hooded figure hidden in the trailer, there was a lot of lightning and thunder.

On to the theories and predictions based on whatever God of War secrets people have been able to pick.

God of War Secrets Predictions: Kratos’ Son is Thor!

Well, it doesn’t get any better than this folks! A fan theory claims that the son of Kratos is Thor, ultimately meaning that Kratos himself is Odin!

“This is the journey of Kratos to become the Norse God of War, or the Odin that we know,” says one of the theorists, claiming that when he will find Gungnir, he will became the Odin. This could be the reason why they didn’t reveal his son’s name.

Now we know that Kratos is different now so may be he really will choose to fight against Ragnarok to save others. The lightning and thunder I have been mentioning above also gets explained if this is true. After all we are looking at Thor, the god of thunder.

There’s more, the cloaked figure would also fit into this theory being Loki, the stepbrother of Odin aka Kratos who happens to have a brother too, and the uncle of Thor.

Or not.

God of War Secrets Predictions: Kratos’ Son is A Stepson of Thor!

There is another theory that says Kratos’ son is actually Ullr, who is “the son of the grain goddess Sif, and therefore the stepson of the thunder god Thor.”

Why? Because he is “an excellent archer, hunter, skater, and skier, handsome, warlike, and an especially apt deity to invoke before a duel,” all of which apparently fit the persona of what Kratos;’ son could become or already is.

The name of the father of Ullr is not there in Norse mythology, and who could fit that persona better than Kratos himself!

So now, the hooded figure could be explained to be one of the monsters that Thor is sending towards Kratos and Ullr because he is angry at Kratos for being a bad boy with his wife Sif.

This could also fit in perfectly because in such a situation all the gods will also be angry with Kratos and he would once again go on a god kill spree.

We are looking for more predictions based on the God of War secrets that the developers have left in the trailer. Have you got any?

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