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Dungeons In Scalebound Will Feature True Platinum Games Style Combat

Scalebound was present at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, where the company showcased a gameplay demo for Scalebound. However, things did not end for Scalebound to just a gameplay demo, as game’s Director Hideki Kamiya and Creative Producer Jean-Pierre Kellams revealed some information about dungeons in Scalebound and their replay-ability, character progression and more.

According to Hideki Kamiya and Jean-Pierre Kellams, the development team wants players to explore the world of Draconis in Salebound. If a player discovers dungeons in Scalebound and completes them, he can return to the dungeons with an upgraded character and again complete them with increased level of challenge.

They further elaborated that players will require to take their time to fully explore the world of Scalebound. Players can travel to cities and fight monsters hidden deep in the jungle, but once they enter a dungeon things will change a bit.

Dungeons in Scalebound feature straight up Platinum Games style combat, with hardcore enemies coming at you from every direction and they just keep coming, so the players will have to be ready for a challenge once they decide to enter a dungeon.

They further elaborated players progression and customization of our Dragon companion. Players will earn experience points as they progress through the game, which can be used to purchase new upgrades and moves for Drew. However, when players defeat enemies, they turn into gems which can be used to customize our Dragon companion.

Moreover, defeated enemies will also drop currency which can be used to purchase useful items or weapons for Drew or players can purchase armor and upgrades for the Dragon as well.

The developers also shared that the Dragon is actually played by an actor through motion capture to make the relationship between Drew and Dragon feel real.

ScaleBound is an open world action RPG developed by Platinum Games for PC and Xbox One, and the game will release sometime in 2017.