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Could Dead Space 3 Be Coming To EA Access Vault?

An Xbox trailer published on the official Xbox channel was promoting the EA Access Vault, with one interesting game among all of the other games that were going to be coming up in the near future. This game in question is Dead Space 3, the third entry in the third person shooter/survival horror game series.

Dead Space 3 came at the tail end of the trailer, which showed other games such as FIFA, Madden, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and more in the EA Access Vault. Its presence there may indicate that the game will be coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

EA Access is a membership program for EA Games that allows members to get video games several days prior to release for the relatively low price of five dollars a month.

Dead Space 3 was one of those games that affirmed EA as one of the most evil video game companies in the world at that point, as it killed the series through no fault of its own. EA and Visceral essentially crippled the game again and again until there was no way that it could be successful through the following ways:

They put microtransactions in the game that were a completely useless addition.

They put things like co-op, universal ammunition, cover-based shooting, and more.

They also set unrealistic sales targets for the game, wanting it to sell 5 million units when the first two games only sold around 2 million.

All of this contributed to EA canning the series after Dead Space 3, claiming that “poor sales” were the reason when it seemed more like it was EA’s fault and that they just wanted Dead Space gone.

But, with Dead Space 3 now apparently getting into the EA Access Vault, the series may be getting a second chance. If enough people download the game, there may be a chance for a rebound for the series to come out again.