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Ubisoft is Optimistic About Nintendo NX, Ready for a Fresh Start With Nintendo

Ubisoft is a well known French publisher and developer. Many blockbuster IPs are to its name such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Far Cry and much more. It is a company that introduces new IPs on a regular basis and that takes some guts.

Its relationship with Sony and Microsoft is quite healthy and often we see exclusive content being released for PlayStation and Xbox.

Nintendo’s Wii was once a platform loved by Ubisoft, the company released many different games for it but its relationship with Nintendo was dented soon after the release of Wii U.

Wii U was a machine that failed to capture a decent market share, big name publishers like Activision, EA, Ubisoft dropped support and didn’t see revenue generating opportunities on Nintendo’s console.

However, Ubisoft is pretty optimistic about Nintendo NX and thinks NX can recapture Wii audience and once again bring Nintendo in a position to compete with rivals in the console market.

Ubisoft’s Alain Corre said:

We have always appreciated the relationship with Nintendo, the co-creation and the fact that they are really concentrating on quality – they have fantastic brands.

And they are addressing the family market in a very different way, their own way, which we appreciate. We have done a lot of products and successes with Nintendo in the past, and we believe that the NX will recapture a lot the lapsed Wii players. So we will see when they release it, but we are confident.

Nintendo NX is still some time away and Ubisoft is developing games for it. The company announced Just Dance for Nintendo NX at E3 2016 and we hope it brings its mainstream AAA games to the console as well.

Nintendo NX is expected to release sometime next year. We may see a reveal later this year.

Source: MCV