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The Division Underground Level Cap Could Go As High As 99

Since The Division’s upcoming DLC “Underground” was announced at E3, we’ve gotten a few pictures shown to us that put up the possibility that the Division Underground level cap could go as high as 90. In this update, the Underground will have a separate rank to level up in, similar to your agent’s Dark Zone ranking in the rest of the game.

The Underground will be a new place filled with danger and challenge for any Division agent brave enough to go down in there. Having powerful new enemies and a new Incursion against the pyromanic Cleaners, you’ll likely be able to get a lot more experience as you play.

However, there’s actually no guarantee of what the Division Underground level cap will be. In the one picture we’ve shown we know it can go as high as 30, but considering the relatively low number of experience points that level is probably nowhere near as high as you can go, like with the Dark Zone.

the division underground level cap

This is even in spite of your character’s own level cap mode, which goes to 30. And considering that your Dark Zone rank can go up as high as 99, we may be looking at a new player environment to help grind levels to make your agent even more powerful.

This could be especially helpful with some of the new armor sets that are already confirmed to be in the new area.

If the Division Underground level cap does end up like the Dark Zone rank, Ubisoft Massive may be forced to split the area into brackets again. Even if the new area doesn’t have any PVP areas, there’s always the possibility that low-level players could run into a really big beef gate and have to retreat until they get to a higher level. Keeping the Underground in special brackets could help with this.