Steam Summer Sale Confirmed To Begin From June 23rd

Last month we reported that Steam Summer sale will start on June 23rd. Now it is confirmed that Steam Summer sale will indeed start from June 23rd.

The confirmation comes from a redditor Redditer who uploaded a screenshot on an email he received from PayPal. The mail states that Steam Summer sale will go live on June 23rd, so get ready for the savings. You can checkout the screenshot of the mail below.

Steam Summer sale

Valve hosts a summer sale every year on steam, and gives 50 to 75 percent of discount on countless AAA and indie titles. Like every year we can expect Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Blizzard Entertainment and many other Publisher’s games will be added to Steam Summer sale.

It is not known that how long this summer sale will continue but it is rumored that the sale will last for 2 weeks, which is plenty of time to grab games that you have been waiting for to go on sale for quite some time.

Games can be purchased using Steam cards, credit cards and Bitcoins which is the latest form of payment method through which you can purchase games on Steam.

In last year’s Summer sale only 24 percent of the discounted games made at least $160 million. On the other hand the 76% of the games sold less than 5000 copies or even significantly less than that, so together those 76% of games made less than $9 million in revenue.

What is more interesting is that, on average those games which were discounted at least 66 percent sold more compared to those games who were discounted 75 percent. However, 50 percent discounted games sold the most.

These stats came from Galyonkin’s Steam Spy analytics platform, however, Galyonkin did mentioned that the figures are only for those games who sold more than 5000 units.

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