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Project Scorpio Will Run Current Xbox One Games Better, At Least Some If Not All

Well if the E3 2016 reveal of Project Scorpio was not enough to impress you beyond wits, we don’t know what will be… Native 4K Gaming, 8 CPU Cores, 6 Teraflops and whatnot! However, in terms of things that would matter more to the current library of games, we can confirm that the upcoming console will push up the visuals on at least some of them.

Microsoft has announced that any game or accessory that runs on the current Xbox One is also going run with the Xbox One S as well as Project Scorpio. This means that every Xbox One game we have at hand now, will be playable.

Some of these games could play better on the upcoming console, if they meet certain requirements.

Not All, But Some Xbox One Games Will Look Better on Project Scorpio!

The catch here is that the game should be using dynamic scaling if the developers want the game to go better than what it does on the current console.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox Division at Microsoft explained how and why the improvements can be expected to existing games by giving the example of Halo 5 Guardians:

If you look at a game like Halo 5, [it] implements something called dynamic scaling. As scenes get more complex, in order to maintain 60 frames per second, they will actually change the resolution that you’re running at, and they’re not the only game that does this. So if you run that game on Project Scorpio you’re actually going to be at the max frame rate of that game more often.

While he agreed that since not every game uses dynamic scaling, the importance of this feature diminishes a little, but from here on, it is up to the developers whether they want a better experience for their game on the Project Scorpio or not.

Oh and by the way, Xbox One S is NOT going to get you better frame rates or performance in general.