Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy Theory Solving Iwanko’s Secret? Solgaleo Reference Also Found

Remember how we talked about the craziest Pokemon Sun and Moon alchemy theory that goes so deep to connect the game with things like Hebrew mythology, the roots and symbols of alchemy, AZOTH and so much more? Well, now there is another update on that theory which relates it to the starter Pokemon as well!

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio have previously made it to the news for a set of different reasons, but now this YouTuber is claiming that he has connected the dots between the three starters as well as Iwanko’s secret that was referred to in the CoroCoro leak.

Starting off by reiterating that the three starter Pokemon represent the three principal alchemy symbols of sulfur, salt and mercury like in the image shared by this guy below, he goes on to say that the Iwanko leak can be related to the symbol of lead.

You can see how the symbol of led is being related to the picture of Iwanko that popped up in CoroCoro. This also ties in with the Rock typing of the Pokemon since lead is an element found in rocks.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy theory

There also are other references that prove the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy theory is legitimate, like the PokeDex listing of Solgaleo saying that it is “the beast that devours the sun” which is also something directly related to the image below. This image is very often found in texts relating to Alchemy.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy theory

So tell us folks, does the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alchemy theory sound convincing enough to you now? We would love to listen to your take on it in the comments section below.