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Monster Hunter Generations Demo Releasing Soon, Some Will Get Two Codes

Monster Hunter Generations is getting a demo later this month, Capcom confirmed. The 3DS demo will give players a taste of things to come.

According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Generations Demo will release on June 30. Players will have access to three of the game’s main quests – hunting a Great Maccao, Malfestio, and a Nargacuga.

All three main quests are playable solo, online coop or locally. With Monster Hunter Generations demo, Capcom is giving you a chance to try out the new Hunting Style Mechanic.

This will give players access to different playstyles based on their preference. Additionally, players will have access to 14 different types of weapons and a Prowler mode that lets you play as a Felyne.

Moreover, once you download the demo you can play it as many times as you want. In past demos, playes were only able to access Monster Hunter demos a set number of times.

Monster Hunter Generations demo is playable with friends but if your friends do not have codes sent by Nintendo, you can help them out. Some lucky users will get two demo codes in their email so you can gift one to your friend.

You can have the demo by paying more than $4 for the E3 Humble Bundle.

After some quick math, we get a total of 57 different ways to hunt in this demo, and that’s not even factoring your friends’ weapon and Style choices or the quest! And to encourage you to try as many options as possible, we’ve removed the cap on how many times you can play the demo, hence the “Special” in the title; so have at it!

Monster Hunter Generations will release on July 15 for Nintendo 3DS