Ghost Recon Wildlands Needs to Do More Than What It Had at E3 2016

Honestly we have been waiting anxiously for developers of Ghost Recon Wildlands to open up about the game, especially the gameplay because it has always sounded promising. We did get that at E3 2016, but honestly, things didn’t quite meet the expectations.

True, there are some really interesting elements in the game like dropping in and out of co-op on the go, joining your friends for a few minutes before jumping out on a different path and so on, but what of the features that would matter even more that that to a hardcore fan?

What about stuff like the weight and impact of the weapons we were shown in the gameplay demo?

If you play Ghost Recon Wildlands you will notice the lack of weight in the guns and as well as the lack of impact your shooting has – realistic impact, to be exact.

Whether you are talking about the kill animations or the audio sounds accompanying the whole process, it really was far from the level of realism we would expect Wildlands to be at (keep in mind we are not complaining about the stutter yet because we expect the developers to fix that soon).

There is more to it, the game feels more like a mesh between Ghost Recon and Far Cry because of what looks like a divergence from the Tactical elements. If you know Ghost Recon you would expect that Wildlands has to be tactical to the core.

While it does have those elements, and you can deploy the tactics like the E3 gameplay showed us, a run and gun approach would be equally sufficient instead.

If you really are going after a big drug lord and taking down his strongholds one by one, don’t you think there are going to be major familiarity issues with some other titles? The only thing we see right now that would set it apart would be the storyline of the game, which in itself can be put somewhere between Okay and Good, nothing further than that.

We’d hate to be disappointed with Ghost Recon Wildlands, though. Here’s hoping the next experience would be better, and more in line with Ubisoft’s vision for the title.

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.