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First English Yakuza Zero Gameplay Showcases Combat Modes, Sub Stories And More

With so many awesome games being demoed at Sony’s E3 press conference, Yakuza Zero might have slipped slightly under the radar. The first Yakuza Zero gameplay was shown during the PlayStation E3 show floor livestream event.

Yakuza Zero is prequel to all the Yakuza games set in 80’s and features Majima Goro as the game’s main protagonist. The game tells the story of Majima Goro’s rise to power and his rivalry with Kiryu.

The developer showcased  Yakuza Zero gameplay its setting and fighting mechanics. In Yakuza Zero players will be able to to do simple brawl fights with enemies, and with enough damage dealt the character will go into the Rush Style which a very fast set of moves.

There is also a beast mode in the game, which is basically that players can pick up objects and hit their enemies with it. However, the choice to use Rush Style and Beast mode is not up to the player, rather it depends on he fight.

During the fights whenever player hits a target we see money flying around. According to the developers its a 80’s thing, usually in games when we hit a target we see blood and other effects. However, the 80’s were all about the money, so it fits with the game setting and design.

He also explained that the core story for Yakuza is very important, but it is also important that players like the environment. So they have put considerable amount of effort to put some sun-stories in the game.

The game also features a dating system, which is a mini game. Players will go to a telephone club and chat with a girl on a phone. Players will have to answer some questions, and if they complete this mini game then they will go on a date with the girl.

Yakuza Zero is and PlayStation 4 exclusive and will release in early 2017 in Noth America and Europe.