Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-F, Altissia City Detailed and Showcased in New Videos

Two new videos have been released for Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix showing off the Altissia City as well as the Regalia Type-F flying car right after the game’s coverage at E3 2016.

The video we have shared above is the one that shows off the Regalia Type-F that lets you “soar through the skies” with your party members.

Seeing the car transform into one beast of a flying machine and that two in different steps is really a treat for the eyes. Those bright red lights hanging below the thing make it look like an alien invention, but then again, there is nothing we shouldn’t expect from this one.

Check out the Final Fantasy XV video above to see the Regalia Type-F in motion and tell us what you think and once you are done with that, the video below is going to take you on a visit to Altissia.

Square Enix has provided a little description about the Altissia city alongside the video that has been shared, it talks about a vibrant city on water which also happens to be the capital of Accordo:

Here’s a first look at Altissia, the capital city of Accordo which you will reach in the middle of Final Fantasy XV! Altissia is the city built upon the water. This vibrant and bustling city is filled with lots of side quests, shops, and adventures to get lost in.

We have shared the video above, which is more than just a trailer with clips from the city. It is actually a detailed walkthrough, that takes you across different places inside the city which we had only discussed once before.