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FIFA 17 Multiplayer Gameplay Shows Goals, Player Animations and More

There is some FIFA 17 multiplayer footage for you to see. We get to see a few goals, a lot of nice plays, and a good amount of the player animation that will be included in the game when it comes out later this year.

FIFA 17 will be the first FIFA soccer game to be using the Frostbite engine developed by DICE for Battlefield 3 and 4. The engine will allow EA Sports, who are developing the game, to add whole-new levels of detail to the game as they work on it. And FIFA 17 is only the beginning; every EA Sports game for the next few years will be on Frostbite as well.

The FIFA 17 multiplayer gameplay also makes the game look fun to play. An intense series of passes up or down the field could end in a goal or not, and whether you make a penalty shot or not is just as dependent on where you make the ball go as it is on how hard you kick it.

For instance, the FIFA 17 multiplayer gameplay showed off the player for one team (Paris Saint-Germain) fumbling a penalty shot, not only not kicking it hard but also not kicking it in the right direction, sending it scooting off to the left of the goal.

EA also made a big deal of a new part of the FIFA experience: a story mode. Hopefully not penned by Spike Lee this time, the game tells the story of Alex Hunter, a novice footballer trying to make his mark on the Premiere League.

The likeness of Hunter’s own actor, along with the faces of all 20 Premiere League managers, is just one part of how well the Frostbite Engine will mesh with FIFA.