Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Take on Gjallarhorn is Different But Same

Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next major expansion from Bungie that is presumably the last one to release before Destiny 2 is introduced next year. It is based around the story of the Iron Lords who will rise again!

One of the major additions, and one we are really excited about, is Gjallarhorn. This launcher was the most powerful weapon in Destiny before Bungie decided to make some changes. Naturally, Gjallarhorn changes received mixed reaction, some thought it was necessary for the balancing of the game, others said “what the heck?”

The good news is that Gjallarhorn is back in Rise of Iron. Destiny’s September expansion is adding Gjallarhorn once again but don’t expect it to be the same as it was before, Bungie is making permanent changes. Destiny developers are committed to making sure they don’t add a weapon that literary acts as a one press win tool for Destiny players. Instead, Rise of Iron’s take on Gjallarhorn will feel fresh but still the same.

This means that we can still expect the same level of features and types of attacks from Gjallarhorn, but they won’t be as effective as they were in base Destiny. powerful missiles and homing cluster bombs are still at your disposal but Destiny: Rise of Iron won’t allow it to become an overpowered weapon of mass destruction.

Destiny rise of iron

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Bungie made it clear that it is always balancing the game to make sure it doesn’t favor a certain type of weapon, class, gear etc; so Destiny: Rise of Iron won’t be exempted from this.

Destiny: Rise of Iron release is set for September but no final release date is mentioned by Bungie for the time being.

Rise of Iron will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One. No last-gen versions are planned.