Destiny: Rise of Iron is Putting a New Spin to Old Enemies, Adds New Game Hub, Follows Lord Saladin

Destiny: Rise of Iron will bring us a new set enemies but they aren’t as new as you may think. Bungie is putting a new spin to older enemies.

The Fallen from House of Wolves expansion are mutated and are going to be the new type of enemy players will be facing. However, these enemies will be much tougher and won’t go down that easy. Guardians will have a tough time in Rise of Iron expansion.

Rise of Iron is coming out with new raids, strike, new areas for players to explore. Rise of Iron will also add new weapons, gear, and armor. Players will follow the story of Lord Saladin, yes, the same person who is behind Destiny’s Iron Banner events.

We will dive into the history of Lord Saladin and the Iron Lords, and how Lord Saladin became such a powerful entity in the game’s post-apocalyptic Tower.

Lord Saladin looks badass in the reveal footage.

Team Bungie hyped each expansion before its release and hints were given in-game as well. One example is the battle with Oryx that was hyped before the relevant expansion came out, we also got to fight his son so we knew who he was and why we would need to take him down at some point.

This time around, developers are trying to build something from loose ends and so far it looks like they have done an exceptional job of creating an appealing concept. Destiny: Rise of Iron is on its way to becoming the best expansion yet.

Once you are done with the main story, end game content will keep you busy thanks to the raid and strike. Big chunk of that content will take place in Plaguelands which is a new area on Earth.

Rise of Iron is going to expand on an existing planet for the first time. Earth is much larger now!

You will notice many changes on Earth but you’ll feel comfortable with what’s going on. In addition to the Tower and Reef, players are getting Felwinter’s Peak, a new game Hub for Guardians.

The best part about Destiny’s new expansion is that you don’t need to know the background of every single Destiny expansion released to date. It is a new experience which you can jump right into without playing any of the previous content.

There is a treat for older players, the Gjallahorn is back. However, there are contradicting statements about what changes it is going to receive.

Lastly, Infusion is making a return as well so players are able to boost base stats of their weapons. No changes are being made for Destiny Infusion, they aren’t fixing what isn’t broken.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is releasing in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Excited to see Lord Saladin in Rise of Iron?