Destiny: Rise of Iron Infusion Won’t Fix What Isn’t Broken: Bungie

Destiny: Rise of Iron Infusion will be the same as it has always been. Bungie won’t be making any kind of changes to Rise of Iron’s Infusion.

Bungie will only be working on tweaking points that jam the follow of regular play. Certain pain points will be dealt with to overall improve the experience.

According to Bungie, Rise of Iron Infusion won’t fix what isn’t broken in the first place, which in this case is┬áDestiny: Rise of Iron Infusion.

We’re looking to not fix what isn’t broken and look for stuff that fans have been asking for and looking to make tweaks for. We’re focusing on that stuff.

No changes to announce or anything like that for Infusion. I think that’s working pretty well in the game.

Rise of Iron Infusion will once again allow players to boost the stats of their most favorite Destiny weapons. Weapons that you have now can be boosted to whole new levels with Rise of Iron Infusion.

More details about any possible changes to the tool will be shared in the coming months by Bungie.

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion will release in September. Bungie is yet to share a release date for the new expansion but it would arrive in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is believed that Rise of Iron would be the very final DLC to be released for Destiny. Next year, Bungie will introduce the sequel to Destiny, Destiny 2 or whatever they decide to name it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion will not release with any type of collector’s edition, Bungie confirmed. This is a result of backlash from the community over The Taken King special edition.

Will you be picking up the latest expansion? Or are you already done with Destiny? Comment down below.

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